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Still “With Child!”

My friend Steve Kramer texted me the other day asking, “Haven’t you had that baby yet?” Sorry to disappoint, but he/she is still working on skin and fingerprints in there!


I now realize why women wait so long to tell the world they’re pregnant. 9 months is a LONG time to be pregnant with no baby to show for your troubles- for everyone except the pregnant woman in question. As a former pregnancy outsider, I also now understand why God makes you wait those 9 long months- it takes all those days and weeks and months to fully realize that you are about to add a new human to the planet! I’m over 4 months along now and I STILL get weirded out by it occasionally.

I like to think I’m not alone in this, but the fact that a completely foreign and separate entity is hibernating in my now-cantaloupe-sized womb is daunting. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m thrilled that he/she IS in there hibernating! It’s just that the whole process is so miraculous- yet so commonplace. I was reassumed this fact early on by a midwife at my doctor’s office, as she tried to downplay the excruciating pain of labor. “Yes, it’s a painful event, but you have to think realistically- there are over 7 billion people on the planet, and they had to get here somehow.” Yep, that certainly puts it in perspective.

I often find myself visualizing a tiny human swimming around in my midsection, perfecting his/her double back flip. What I really enjoy is that little movement I sometimes feel that I am certain didn’t come from me or my gastrointestinal tract (trust me, after 31 years I know what my own inner rumblings feel like, and this is distinctly NOT it.) I’m glad for those flutters because it reminds me that there really IS another person in there. Hi peanut!

By the way, that reminder was especially helpful the other night when I couldn’t breathe or sleep at 1:30am and all I wanted were a couple decongestants for sweet relief. But no, flutter-flutter, I opted for the Neti Pot and a sore throat lozenge instead. ALL FOR YOUR HEALTH, SWEET PEA! (Third realization: this is where all of that infamous Mother’s Guilt begins. I can see it now: “You get back into bed, young man/lady, I didn’t suffer for over a week with no Sudafed so you could pop into Mommy’s room at all hours of the night!”)

And that little nugget of satisfaction will keep me going for the time being! Ah, the joys of pregnancy!


  1. Steve Kramer says:

    I am going to need a copyright symbol and link back to my name…

  2. Margaret says:

    Just Lovely. I am so thrilled that my own daughter, whom at 1 time was inside me, is now getting to experience the most wonderful mystery of all time. Thank you God!!!

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