About Holly O'Connor

I came into into the world of voice-overs by way of the Bear Family. As a little girl, I used to LOVE listening to my mom read Berenstain Bears books out loud to me. She got INTO it! Different voices for different characters, distinct vocal inflections, and dramatic pauses for important passages. In fact, I loved her readings so much that we recorded an audiobook on cassette so I could listen to her read the books whenever I wanted (she’s an amazing mother, but no one wants to read Berenstain Bears and The Sitter five times in a row. No one.)

Anyway I tell you this to give you a little background about why I love voice-over work: I love making printed words come alive. It wasn’t until years after my Berenstain Bears-lovin’ childhood that I realized voice-over work is actually a talent. Not everyone has the ability to interpret the written word into something meaningful, exciting, and attention-grabbing. I hope to help your words come alive soon!

Female Voice Talent

What does a voice talent do? Well, my goal is to make you sound good. I am a versatile voiceover artist who can help you create almost anything you need:
  • Radio and television commercials
  • Radio imaging
  • Telephone and on-hold messaging
  • Long form narration
  • Web and video voiceovers
Heck, I can produce almost anything you’d need female voice talent for! My voice is warm, friendly, youthful, and energetic. Check out my demos to see for yourself, and keep in mind that anything I do for you will be customized to your specifications. Contact me here!


The big question: am I right for your project? Take a listen to the demos below!

Contact Holly

To receive a custom quote for your project, please use the form below. Please fill in all of your contact information and all areas which are applicable to your project. The more detailed information you can give me, the more quickly and accurately I can respond with a rate!